Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We did it!!!

I purchased an "OTR" Microwave since we are working with very little counter space at the moment. I hung up the brace for it on my own yesreday but I wasn't confident that I would be able to stick the microwave up there myself. (Never would have happened) So today I had David help me set the thing up there and measure for where to drill the holes in the bottom of the cabinet and finish up the job. After an hour and a half and 3 incorrectly drilled holes later.... We did it! The microwave is securly attached to the wall above the range and doesn't look to bad! Of course the story doesn't end there.... After we were finished and celebrated for a minute I pulled the stove away from the wall so I could plug in the microwave and try it out :) ...... No where to plug it in!! Not only is there not an outlet behind the stove but the closest one is about 7 feet from where we installed the microwave. Seeing as how the cord is only about 3 feet long we had to get creative. In a truely 1st class fashion we strung a bright orange extention cord from the outlet over the sink clear across to the microwave. Thats how we roll! Unfortunately we won't get to keep this display of high class for long. My daddy is going to come to the rescue once again and help us install an outlet in the cabinet at some point :) For now we will enjoy our lovely display of new homeownersism. :) (I love made-up words!)

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