Monday, August 27, 2012

Summer coming to an end

It's funny how sometimes I go forever without writing because nothing has been going on then other times I don't write because I have SO MUCH going on! Here goes my longest blog post ever! Ready?

Crystal and Nash-
   Crystal and Nash have been living with us for 3 months this week! She pointed out to me that I never mentioned that in my blog and I felt kinda bad :) But then I remembered why. When Crystal was getting ready to move in we decided to build her a completely new room for her and Nash. It turned out so cute and I am pretty proud of our handy work. I wanted to take a picture after she moved all of her furniture in so I could blog it. You can ask her why that picture hasn't been taken yet ;)
     I really love having her here and having the opportunity to be such a big part of my nephews life. Crystal and I always had a strong bond even when we were distant in recent years. Having her here everyday though, feels like we are little kids again. We laugh and goof off and cry and argue. It is perfect and I love her. Some times i feel bad that David has to put up with two crazy hormonal women now! Nash, that sweet boy. I love watching him while she is working and watching his face light up when she gets home. I love watching her learn to be the best parent that she can be and it makes me so incredibly happy that she trusts me enough to help her figure it all out. I hope they are here for a while before the break lose on there own.

Tukker's Birthday-
   My baby girl turned 5. She is strong and independent and beautiful. We had her little party here at the house in the back yard and we gave her a trampoline as her gift. It was all very fun and we enjoyed the company of family and friends. Unfortunately due to the Powell trip that I posted about recently, we currently have no working camera. I did not get a single picture of her birthday party but I no some guests did so I am crossing my fingers that some of those make it back to me :) Now Tukker is getting ready to start Kindergarten next week and that will be a post all its own.

Cahoots duo challenge-
      David and I did a due challenge a few weeks ago. It was a whole new awesome experience. I absolutely will be doing another race like it and hopefully several of them in the future.  We faced 2 dozen challenges as a team and we had to work through them together. We kicked butt and had a blast doing it. I wish we had pictures of us at every obstacle but we only got about 4 pics of the whole 5 mile race.

My baby sister got married-
      I watched my baby sister walk down the isle and I cried with everyone else. It was such a beautiful wedding and she seemed truly happy. They really pulled off  a great wedding in a short time. We have one of the best families ever for things like that :) Christy made a speech as one of the mothers of the bride. While all the speeches got me teary eyed, Christy's words in particular warmed my heart and pulled on tears from my eyes. She spoke about the acceptance and love that our family shows to people as they become a part of it. Our family has grown from so many directions and brought in new people in so many ways and they are always welcomed with open arms and viewed as a new horizon for our family. I never go a day without feeling thankful for the home I was brought up in and for winning the "parent lottery" that we all get thrown into at birth. I hope that I am a part of what makes our family so great and I hope that all my many kids will be able to feel that same gratitude as they get older. Congrats Kenzie. You made a beautiful bride and will be a terrific mama. Don't forget how important your bigger family is even as you being to grow a family of your very own.

Egg Donor-
      I applied a while ago to be an egg donor for infertile couples. I was excited to hear back that I was chosen and will be donating. I am really glad that I will be able to do this since being a surrogate isn't a good idea for me anymore. This is another way I can help that my husband is more comfortable with and doesn't put my health and body in the same kind of risky situation. More on that to come.

Bake sale-
    My sweet sister in law Jasie had a bake sale this past weekend for her some Aven. He was diagnosed with Autism this year and she has fully dedicated herself to promoting awareness and helping people to better understand this fairly common disease. For the sale, I made cake pops and YUMMY home made cheesecake Popsicles. The cake pops gave me a hard time so they ended up being upside down cake pops but they were cute anyways. The sale was a success and Jasie raises somewhere around $350 to add to the funds that Team Aven has accumulated for the Autism speaks Now walk on the 8th of September. I am pretty sure her total amount raised so far is approaching $1500. I admire her determination and love her and her family so.

 Adoption Party-
    In two weeks we have an adoption party to attend! I am really looking forward to it. Once a year the Adoption Exchange brings together all of the adoptive families and the legally free children in Utah together in a fun environment in hopes of making some matches.  We will get to mile with all the sweet children who need homes and maybe get lucky and find our daughter who is meant to be with us. We shall see how things go!

Master Bedroom-
Last but not least.... I redecorated our master bedroom! Decorated it for the first time really. It had been a mess since we moved in and I had wanted to get to it for months. I finally did it and now I LOVE it! It is our own little get away and no kids or pets are allowed.... ( You buy that? haha) In my dreams. It really is a nice place for us to spend some time together though. Sorry for the crappy phone pics.

Until next time!