Friday, February 24, 2012

A little catch up :)

I have had a few things I have been wanting to blog so I am going to try to play some catch up today!
Things to blog:
Oliver's curtains

I only have photos for three of those right now so I will do those first :)
We are done working on the kitchen for now. We are still going to add a back-splash and new flooring. I also need to decide what I want to hang on the orange wall in there but for now, we are done working on it so here is a before and after picture!
When we first moved in it looked like this...
Currently this is how it is looking :)

Yesterday I whipped up some curtains for Olivers room so the neighbors wouldn't have to watch me change his diaper ten times a day. They are simple and nothing special but they match how we want to paint in there and the best thing about them is that they were free! Thanks to some material my momma was whiling to let go of and 20 minutes at the sewing machine , whalah...
Last topic for the moment is my painting! We had a crafting day at my moms on Wednesday and I wanted to make a large painting for the dining room wall. I had really never tried painting before so I was worried I was going to waste the 24 dollar canvas I had bought. It didn't turn out exactly how I had imagined but I am happy with it and David seems to like it so I can all it a success ;)
We have been working away little by little, trying to get this place together. It is really a lot of fun and I enjoy having David and the kids to help me along the way.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today was Valentines day and I was very excited and nervous to give David his gift. I had been planning it for a while and had finally finished it just in time. His dad who passed away when he was 12 did not leave a whole lot behind that was kept. Some of things that he did leave that David ended up with are not things he can really use or display. One of these items was a piece of wood that his dad had carved their last name "Bubel" on. He carved it on the ugly side of course and while the piece of wood was about 4 foot long the carving was only like 8 inches. We have been moving this piece of wood from home to home and finding a new place to store it each time where is would be in safe keeping but no one ever got to see it or enjoy it. I decided I wanted to transform it into something displayable without taking away from the original carving that he had done. Of course I forgot to take a before picture but this is how it turned out after...I made it into a plaque for the front door. Now his dad can be a part of making our first house into a home and help welcome all of our friends and family as they visit :) He loves it and was not upset that I had cut and stained and screwed and glued and everything else to it :) Happy Valentines 2012 my love. You are the greatest.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A few before and afters

So there is not a single room in our home that is finished yet but we have made a lot of progress so here are some updated photos.

Starting with the living room... here is before
And here it is currently :) Still needs paint and some pictures on the wall maybe. Not to mention the awesome project I am working on in here that you will all see soon!

Here is Oliver's room before...And here it is now. Also still needs paint and curtains but at least it looks like a bedroom now not a storage closet :)
And here is my dining room before...

Here it is now. Still need to re-stain the table and make a painting for the wall but at least it is now usable and it is orange!!

We have also done a ton in the kitchen but I am not ready to post pics yet. I need to clean and make one or two more changes before I post it :) Anyway, that is how we are doing so far. Still have so so so much work to do but it is fun and I am trying not to rush it. We will be here for a long time so I might as well take it easy and enjoy the ride :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

21 day!!!

Oh my goodnees! I was off to such a good start and now I haven't posted in 21 days! I lost my camera charger and haven't been able to take or post pics so I have a LOT of catching up to do! We have done a ton in the house so i am excited to take some pics. I will go buy some battries for my old camera tonight and update everything :) Plus I have a big project that Kayleigh is helping me with tomorrow so that will be fun to post as soon as we are done! We have something else exciting going on tomorrow morning... The case worker for our adoption is coming over in the morning to see the house and help us set up the next steps in bringing our future baby girl home! We have only spoken to her on the phone and worked with her via email so far. Meeting her in person will be exciting and make the whole thing feel more real :) Wish us luck!