Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Home Study

I have less then a week to finish preparing my house. Preparing my house for a 5 hour inch by inch inspection to judge David and I and our home to see if we are suitable to care for foster children. I am so excited but super nervous. We have worked so hard to get this far and we have been looking forward to adopting for a few years now. I would be heartbroken if something stopped us from being licensed now. This is the last step of the process. In three weeks we could have our first placement. I hate calling it that but there just simply isn't a better term.
     Everyone working in the system calls it a placement and considering that we don't know how many or what gender child/children will be placed with us, it is easier to just say placement. I don't know why I am so nervous. Our home is safe. We are good parents and we don't have anything to hide. For some reason I still am having nightmares and constantly worrying about the million things that I want to finish before the morning of. My todo list has gotten so long that for the last two days I pretty much did nothing. I have a habbit of that. I get so overwhelmed by all the things taht I want and need to do that I just shut down and do nothing. I spend the whole day playing with the kids and napping then I wonder where the hours went.
     I am determined to get a few of the most important items crossed off of my check list tomorrow. It will be a good day and I will make progress! That is me, making myself accountable to someone other then myself so that I will actually do it :) Guess I should do some home work now. Another thing I have been avoiding.
     Until we meet again...

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter! (a week and a half later)

As promised I am now going to post about our Easter 2012 :)

Just so you know, I do have a few good excuses for posting this so late, however I will skip the excuses and go ahead with the sweet pics ...
We had a nice busy Easter this year. We got up bright and early to hunt for baskets from the Big Bunny. They were found on the back porch. We couldn't figure out why He would have left them there rather than inside the house somewhere. We all came to the agreement that it was probably because David and I had forgotten to unlock the door for him before we went to bed.

After we opened baskets and enjoyed some treats, we all got ready and went over for a nice brunch at Jasie's. The kids had so much fun hunting for eggs and playing with Max and Aven. It was a really nice day so they had a lot of fun outside.

The kids filled up on candy and we headed out to go hunt for more eggs at Grandma Trish and Papa Rog's house and have an Easter Lunch. It was great and we all left happy. Tukker was able to find the golden Easter egg thanks to a little help from grandma. Had she not found it, its possible that no one would have made it out of there alive.Over all we had a fantastic day and enjoyed every minute of it with so many of the people that we love! Happy Easter from the Bubel's!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oli and Dex have a sleep over :)

Kayleigh and Richard needed a night out on the town so we kept Dexter for the night. He didn't get here until late last night so we didn't get to have any fun before bed. Both of the boys slept great and we have been having a great time ever since we woke up!
First we took a nice bubble bath...

Then we got all lotion-ed, powdered and diapered...
Snuggled up warm in our cute baby clothes...
And had some yummy breakfast! (couldn't get a good pic of them both here :( )

We had a lot of fun. Spent the rest of the morning playing with toys on the living room floor :) I wish Oliver had a twin. Maybe we will get lucky and get twins through foster care! :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting through rough patch

David was off of work for almost 8 weeks....EIGHT WEEKS! While it was fun to have him home and nice to have help with the kids and house work it was not so fun dealing with his medical issues and trying to keep up on the bills with no income for 2 months. Finally on Monday he returned to work full time. It was a weird adjustment for the first few days and Maveryk was acting out a lot with daddy gone but we made it through. The money will stat flowing in again in a matter of weeks and we will be able to start saving up again and be back ahead of the game.
We had Jess and Shirley over for dinner the other night and Jess gave us a lot of good suggestions for the house. I am excited to start on some big projects that I am looking forward too. None of them will cost much but for now I just have to be patient and wait for the money to be available. Crystal will be moving in with in a month or so. That makes her room our first priority. We have pretty much everything we need to finish it now we just need to do it. Jess seems excited about our fixer upper house and I have a feeling he is going to be a big help with some of the projects that we are lacking the know how to do our self.
Spring quarter started this week and I really like my sociology class already. I am going to get A's in these two classes with out breaking a sweat! Hoping so anyway :) Easter is on Sunday so I will have some fun pictures to blog soon :)