Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some KSL bargaining :)

This beautiful monster of a fridge was in the kitchen when we bought our house. It was clean, working and practically new...BUT... I didn't want it :) The other appliances in the kitchen are white so the stainless steel really didn't match and it was also way to big for the tiny kitchen we have. SOOOOOO...... I traded it for this one!
It is the same year but a litle more used. Since I don't really care about buying used things over new, I was just super happy to have a white fridge that didn't take up half of the kitchen :) Since I lve me some bargain shopping on KSL, I got the new fridge for a 1/4 of what I sold the old one for! That left money to be spent elsewhere. We went ahead and got a dinning table. YAY. We were getting sick of 3 kitchen floor picnics per day.
I already had the four white chairs from our old set but I bought the two end chairs from the DI today for 10 bucks. They are cute and comfy and match the old ones with out being exactly the same. As you can see Tukker wasted no time before grabbing her coloring supplies and breaking in one of the new chairs. We also had enough money for a side table for the master bedroom. A large used TV for the family room and we have enough left that we are hoping to score a decent couch for the family room downstairs by the end of the weekend :) David has a 3 day weekend so we have plenty of time to shop around!

I love KSL. Some times too much! I get some kind of weird high from selling things and everybody loves buying things so its the best of both worlds!


  1. LOL I need to be more like you. I have a bunch of things lined up in my mind to sell. But I just never get to it. I don't know why, because when I do put something on KSL it sells pretty quick. Hmm...Maybe you have inspired me to sell some stuff soon!

  2. Oh! and if I come over and spill some nail polish remover on your table it'll be JUST like the one you grew up with. ;)

    1. I think mine is a little taller because they attached the legs weird and it doesn't have a leaf :) So it isn't exactly the same (even if it had a nail polish remover accident) I am excited to paint the whole thing soon! Of course I will be posting pictures after I do that.