Monday, January 16, 2012

Eventfull 4 day weekend!!

David had a 4 day weekend this week and we had big plans to get stuff done around the house.... Now I can't recall if we did anything at all on the house but we sure kept busy! On Friday I took crystal to get some maternity pics taken. That deserves a post of its own. She is sch a beautiful mama! Saturday we went shopping and did some other long over due chores. David's mom and sister, Sabrina came over for lunch and to see the house. That was really nice. It was quiet and relaxing and a good visit. Sunday we had a birthday party for a good friends daughter. For that party we had to dress the kids up like princess and super heroes. We went right over to mom and Rog's for dinner after and brought home two extra kids! Caydance and Athena had a sleepover with Tukker for the first time in her new room. They had fun and played dress up the next morning after we all had waffles together. Monday was just a nice relaxing extra day off for David. We didn't do much other than enjoy each other and play. That was our weekend. Here are a few pics to give you an idea of how much fun the kids really had! Enjoy :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

My big baby boy :)

After disagreeing with the doctor and spending a few days talking it over with friends and family, I decided to go ahead and start My baby Oliver on baby cereal. Aunt Jasie was over and we decided to go ahead and record his first bites. It was surprisingly uneventful... haha My other babies were so funny with these kids of things making big messes and funny faces. Not Oliver. I guess he really was ready after all! He does sneak a sweet smile in there at the end so the video isn't totally boring ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some KSL bargaining :)

This beautiful monster of a fridge was in the kitchen when we bought our house. It was clean, working and practically new...BUT... I didn't want it :) The other appliances in the kitchen are white so the stainless steel really didn't match and it was also way to big for the tiny kitchen we have. SOOOOOO...... I traded it for this one!
It is the same year but a litle more used. Since I don't really care about buying used things over new, I was just super happy to have a white fridge that didn't take up half of the kitchen :) Since I lve me some bargain shopping on KSL, I got the new fridge for a 1/4 of what I sold the old one for! That left money to be spent elsewhere. We went ahead and got a dinning table. YAY. We were getting sick of 3 kitchen floor picnics per day.
I already had the four white chairs from our old set but I bought the two end chairs from the DI today for 10 bucks. They are cute and comfy and match the old ones with out being exactly the same. As you can see Tukker wasted no time before grabbing her coloring supplies and breaking in one of the new chairs. We also had enough money for a side table for the master bedroom. A large used TV for the family room and we have enough left that we are hoping to score a decent couch for the family room downstairs by the end of the weekend :) David has a 3 day weekend so we have plenty of time to shop around!

I love KSL. Some times too much! I get some kind of weird high from selling things and everybody loves buying things so its the best of both worlds!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We did it!!!

I purchased an "OTR" Microwave since we are working with very little counter space at the moment. I hung up the brace for it on my own yesreday but I wasn't confident that I would be able to stick the microwave up there myself. (Never would have happened) So today I had David help me set the thing up there and measure for where to drill the holes in the bottom of the cabinet and finish up the job. After an hour and a half and 3 incorrectly drilled holes later.... We did it! The microwave is securly attached to the wall above the range and doesn't look to bad! Of course the story doesn't end there.... After we were finished and celebrated for a minute I pulled the stove away from the wall so I could plug in the microwave and try it out :) ...... No where to plug it in!! Not only is there not an outlet behind the stove but the closest one is about 7 feet from where we installed the microwave. Seeing as how the cord is only about 3 feet long we had to get creative. In a truely 1st class fashion we strung a bright orange extention cord from the outlet over the sink clear across to the microwave. Thats how we roll! Unfortunately we won't get to keep this display of high class for long. My daddy is going to come to the rescue once again and help us install an outlet in the cabinet at some point :) For now we will enjoy our lovely display of new homeownersism. :) (I love made-up words!)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before pics :)

I thought I would post some pics of the total mess that we have to start with :)
Here is the bathroom. If it were not so messy you could see the BEAUTIFUL pink and blue tile on the counter and tub :) That will probably be one of the first improvements in the spring.

Here is Olivers room. Not to much to see. I am excited to decorate in here.

Kitchen has a long way to go before it will be where we want it but it is one of the first projects on our list. Yay!!
Here is the Living room/dining room. As you can see this is where we decided to dump everything when we moved in. It is actually ALL cleaned up now! Pretty much every room looks better now then t did in this pics. There are several rooms that I didn't take pictures of but I will do before and after pics of each area as we fix them up. What a mess we have to clean up! Luckily there is no big rush to finish and we are actually making some good progress.

Friday, January 6, 2012

A new year, A new home, A new blog!

On December 30th 2011, my loving hubby, my 3 sweet children and I received the keys to our very first home. We got to spend our new years eve moving in to our new house with the help of so many friends and family. For the very first time David and I have a place where EVERYTHING we own can be in one location. With all of its dings, dents, glitches and flaws.... It's ours! I decided that with this being a new home and a brand new beautiful year it was time for a new blog. A fresh start to record all of the memories that are waiting to be created for us in this new chapter of life. I want to use this blog to journal all of the many ways that we will make this house, our home. Through home improvements, birthdays, crafts, tears, meals, holidays, baths and so much more, this will be the house that we can call home. And, This will be the place that you can all come to read about it :) Enjoy!