Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

Today was Valentines day and I was very excited and nervous to give David his gift. I had been planning it for a while and had finally finished it just in time. His dad who passed away when he was 12 did not leave a whole lot behind that was kept. Some of things that he did leave that David ended up with are not things he can really use or display. One of these items was a piece of wood that his dad had carved their last name "Bubel" on. He carved it on the ugly side of course and while the piece of wood was about 4 foot long the carving was only like 8 inches. We have been moving this piece of wood from home to home and finding a new place to store it each time where is would be in safe keeping but no one ever got to see it or enjoy it. I decided I wanted to transform it into something displayable without taking away from the original carving that he had done. Of course I forgot to take a before picture but this is how it turned out after...I made it into a plaque for the front door. Now his dad can be a part of making our first house into a home and help welcome all of our friends and family as they visit :) He loves it and was not upset that I had cut and stained and screwed and glued and everything else to it :) Happy Valentines 2012 my love. You are the greatest.