Thursday, February 9, 2012

A few before and afters

So there is not a single room in our home that is finished yet but we have made a lot of progress so here are some updated photos.

Starting with the living room... here is before
And here it is currently :) Still needs paint and some pictures on the wall maybe. Not to mention the awesome project I am working on in here that you will all see soon!

Here is Oliver's room before...And here it is now. Also still needs paint and curtains but at least it looks like a bedroom now not a storage closet :)
And here is my dining room before...

Here it is now. Still need to re-stain the table and make a painting for the wall but at least it is now usable and it is orange!!

We have also done a ton in the kitchen but I am not ready to post pics yet. I need to clean and make one or two more changes before I post it :) Anyway, that is how we are doing so far. Still have so so so much work to do but it is fun and I am trying not to rush it. We will be here for a long time so I might as well take it easy and enjoy the ride :)

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  1. It's looking awesome! I LOVE the orange in the kitchen!