Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting through rough patch

David was off of work for almost 8 weeks....EIGHT WEEKS! While it was fun to have him home and nice to have help with the kids and house work it was not so fun dealing with his medical issues and trying to keep up on the bills with no income for 2 months. Finally on Monday he returned to work full time. It was a weird adjustment for the first few days and Maveryk was acting out a lot with daddy gone but we made it through. The money will stat flowing in again in a matter of weeks and we will be able to start saving up again and be back ahead of the game.
We had Jess and Shirley over for dinner the other night and Jess gave us a lot of good suggestions for the house. I am excited to start on some big projects that I am looking forward too. None of them will cost much but for now I just have to be patient and wait for the money to be available. Crystal will be moving in with in a month or so. That makes her room our first priority. We have pretty much everything we need to finish it now we just need to do it. Jess seems excited about our fixer upper house and I have a feeling he is going to be a big help with some of the projects that we are lacking the know how to do our self.
Spring quarter started this week and I really like my sociology class already. I am going to get A's in these two classes with out breaking a sweat! Hoping so anyway :) Easter is on Sunday so I will have some fun pictures to blog soon :)

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