Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer Fun

We are having such a fun summer! I don't know that David and I have ever had a summer packed full of so many activities. We have so many things planned for just us and a ton of things for our little family to do. Concerts, camping, Zoo, Circus, boating, lagoon and so much more! I am getting really excited for the Cahoots Duo Challenge that David and I are competing in less then a month from now!
So far here are some photos from this awesome summer :)

Lake Powell
 Fourth of July at Jasie's
 Headed to the Fourth of July firework show at Magna Park
 Sun Setting at Saltair
 Thinking about life ;) Saltair
 Great Salt Lake
 Seeing "Foster the People" We went to see Ringo Starr at Usana a week later but forgot to bring the camera! Dang it!
 Hanging out at home with the babies... Best activity to do year round :)
 My handsome just hanging out
      Well there you go :) More to come soon! We have birthday's and all kinds of stuff coming up :)

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